Take a little break at Cameron Highlands : It’s the season of public holidays and long weekends! I don’t know about you guys, but it does take a lot of brain juice to think up of places to go, or things to do during the holidays.

Especially for me, because I like to keep it fresh by going for brand new experiences that I’ve never tried, sometimes ideas really run low!

A place that’s been on my mind lately is Cameron Highlands, maybe because the weather has been so hot lately and I’m looking for a place where I can escape the heat!

It almost doesn’t feel like the usual Malaysia there, what with the cool weather and special attractions that we don’t usually get to see like Strawberry Farms, Butterfly Farms and gardens with beautiful plants that only grow in cooler climates. It’s a great place to spend the night away with family and friends!

Thing about overnight trips is, sometimes it can be a bit of a headache when it comes to picking accommodations. We don’t take trips to the same place too often, and so we want to make sure that we pick out the best place possible to stay at. It’s got to be clean, located near to attractions, has enough parking, and it’s not always easy to find information that you need.

Fortunately, I recently came across a Malay-language blog called Bagasi.my, which is a blog that was created to celebrate different travel destinations in Malaysia, and there is a post on Cameron Highlands!

They have a variety of blog posts that highlight and introduce the different landmarks in different states, and also have plenty of suggestions on accommodation, with all the relevant information provided in their review. The best part is, there are direct links within the posts that link you to their booking sites, which makes things super easy and convenient!

With the information provided it was pretty easy to find and book our hotel for the trip, so we’re all set to get going! If you wanna read up on the range of hotels they have reviewed, click here to go to the blog post!

Happy holidays!

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