A Condominium Unit or A House in the City: Which is Better ?

Many people place a considerable amount of traditional value on owning a plot of land with a home on it. Properties like this have long been considered as a mark of success since it indicates that the owner has finally “made it,” so to speak. However, priorities change over time as new developments occur in our society. As people begin to value convenience over land ownership, the popularity of owning a condominium unit started to rise. You have to ask yourself, though, which is better, owning a house with a plot of land in the city or having a condo unit near where you work?

Why Buying a Condominium Unit is a Good Idea

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The following are the reasons why buying an apartment is an ideal choice to make:

a.) Convenience

Living in a condo unit in the heart of the city is simply one of the most convenient experiences you will ever have. Developers frequently pick lots that are close to a wide variety of different locations such as malls, business centers, and markets. Not only that, condos have 24-hour security, have workers that clean the hallways, and a vast array of different services that make life that much easier to live. In fact, there are even some condos that have their laundry and apartment cleaning services which makes it that much easier just to sit back and relax as other people do all your mundane tasks for you.

b.) Amenities

Do you have a large pool and gym at home? Is there a safe jogging path that you can use whenever you want? Are there guards there at your front door to prevent any unwanted visitors? If you answered no to every single question, you now know one of the major differences between condo living and opting to have a house.

If you were to go online and check out the different condominium units for sale on sites like Property Guru , you would notice that one of the usual things people post is the amenities that are available in the building. If you own a house in the city, you are unlikely to have a pool to relax in or a gym to burn your calories. These are luxuries that ordinary homeowners simply cannot afford to have on their properties. Yes, you can sign up for a gym membership, and you can probably find a community pool somewhere, but the fact remains that they are in areas that you have to get to via commuting. Having the pool and the gym, almost literally on your doorstep, can make a huge difference when it comes to the likelihood of you using them.

c.) Proximity to your Office

One of the best arguments for purchasing a condo unit is that you can get one that is relatively near to where you work. The bane of every office worker’s existence is the constant back-and-forth commutes that you have to endure. The traffic and the overcrowding on buses and trains can make anyone wish for a better alternative. By having a condo near where you work, you can avoid these unpleasant commutes and take your time going to work. Such a luxury is something that many workers can only dream of and is one of the reasons why living in a condo is something that many office workers want to have.

Why Buying a House in the City is a Good Idea

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The following are the reasons why buying a house is an ideal choice to make:

a.) It is Much Larger than an Apartment

The main problem with living in a condo unit is that the amount of space you have is quite limited. Sizes ranging from 20 to 30 square meters are typical for most condo units, and this is positively tiny when compared to most homes. If you are a person that prefers having a lot of space, then living in a condo unit would not be the right choice for you.

b.) You Can Make More Changes

Yes, a condo is convenient to live in, but there are limitations on the amount and type of furnishings that you can bring inside. In fact, you are also limited to what you can do to the condo unit. For example, if you want actually wood flooring in your unit, and it is against the building rules, then you simply cannot have it. Interested in expanding your bathroom by knocking down the connecting wall? You are unlikely to get the permit for that. It is due to limitations like this that purchasing a house seems to be an ideal choice since you can do whatever you want to the interiors , and only need to follow local zoning laws if you want to make significant external changes.

Choosing between a house or a condo unit will always boil down to what you believe is best for yourself. If you want the convenience of a condo, then get one. If you prefer the larger space of a house, then you should go for that option.

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